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In accordance with Consus Enerji’s vision, mission, and strategies, our HR mission is to assist all of our affiliates in achieving the targeted performance and profitability by promoting a competent organization comprised of qualified employees with high levels of motivation and engagement.

The Principles of our Human Resources Policy are to;

  • Define strategies centrally and policies locally based on the unique needs of our affiliates.
  • Develop an agile, robust and proactive organizational structure
  • Increase organizational efficiency
  • Promote a working environment of mutual trust and respect where communication channels are open and transparent
  • Encourage high levels of employee engagement and performance
  • Constantly review and update human resources strategies and policies, following emerging trends that vary depending on the circumstances
  • Take an approach that is consistent with quality policies and standards while also being mindful of the OHS policy


  • We establish transparent relationships based on respect and trust
  • We stand by our word and value mutual respect
  • We act in a fair, honest and ethical manner in the light of the laws and social values
  • We keep track of the developing world and support new ideas and initiatives.
  • We take bold action to attempt what has never been done before.
  • We are not afraid of taking new paths that lead to the goal.
  • We recognize the contribution that each employee and function makes to the business and use this to create the maximum value.
  • We cooperate with others when necessary to realize our goals.
  • We work in a team spirit, with an awareness of our responsibilities, in a harmonious, participative, reconciliatory manner, and always with the company’s interests in mind.
  • We focus on results and always keep in mind the targets of our organization when doing our jobs.
  • We work towards results with high motivation, take initiatives and produce solutions.
  • We strive to demonstrate the highest performance when reaching our goals.
  • We understand that diversity is our wealth and value it.
  • We support the efficient use of resources for the benefit of all humans and the planet.
  • We believe we are responsible for fostering a modern and progressive society that is dedicated to its culture and values.



Our hiring procedures aim to select and employ candidates who possess the skills necessary to uphold the goals and principles of our group in accordance with the corporate culture and the role.

In accordance with these priorities, we incorporate personality inventories and competency-based interviews into our hiring process.

Trainings, Development and Career Management

We encourage both internal and external training and development activities in the fields and subjects required to develop and empower both the employees and the company. We develop our employees’ skills and provide them with promotions and career opportunities that would allow them horizontal mobility.

In addition, where access to qualified labor is limited in the areas that we operate, we provide the necessary on-the-job training to create qualified labor and thus contribute to the region’s development.

Performance Management

The performance management system in place aims to align our group’s and affiliates’ targets with the personal targets of our employees, to support personal achievements, to maximize our employees’ performance through objective evaluation and to unleash their potential.

Compensation and Benefits

The compensation system is based on the size of the business, market data, and a compensation policy developed in accordance with the company’s performance as well as the achievement of personal goals. We implement a competitive and fair compensation, benefits and social welfare system that aims to motivate our employees by rewarding their performance.


At Consus Enerji, employee health and safety is our utmost priority, and all relevant activities are conducted in a way that covers all affiliates and employees. Occupational health and safety management is arranged and organized comprehensively across all of our fields of activity, including measures to prevent foreseeable risks as well as methods of responding to potential incidents.

The principles of Occupational Health and Safety management are summarized below.

  • All of our entities comply with all legal and other occupational health and safety requirements.
  • We make sure that hazardous equipment is replaced with safe ones by following technological innovations.
  • Prior to an activity, we identify threats and risks at our sites and ensure that our personnel work in healthy and safe environments by performing the necessary planning and arrangements.
  • We take measures to eliminate hazards at the source and ensure that for hazards that cannot be eliminated at the source, collective protection methods are used first, followed by personal protection measures.
  • We provide vocational training to our employees both during the hiring process and after they begin working for us, in order to advance their professional experience.
  • We offer periodic trainings to enhance the culture of occupational health and safety.
  • We make sure that all of our employees participate in all activities related to occupational health and safety at our sites.
  • Employees are given special training on how to protect themselves from workplace accidents, injuries, and diseases, as well as on how to use personal protection equipment properly and completely.
  • Subcontractors and visitors are treated as if they are employees of the company, and they are required to participate in health and safety activities at our facilities for the duration of their employment with us.
  • We are constantly renewing and improving our occupational health and safety management system to keep up with changing legislation, technology, and standards.
  • In order to further increase the awareness of health and safety among our personnel, we regularly conduct research and development, performance assessment, and evaluation.
  • Accordingly, our Occupational Health and Safety components are thoroughly implemented at all of our sites, with the goal of “ZERO” INCIDENTS.