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In addition to investments in biomass and solar plants in the renewables sector, Consus Enerji, a subsidiary of Global Yatırım Holding, realizes distributed power facilities (cogeneration, trigeneration and solar) with its build-operate business model and pioneers the sector as the energy service company with the largest installed power in Türkiye.

Consus Enerji, throughout Türkiye, realizes new generation energy investments, invests in renewable sources which are the future of energy, and implements tailor-made energy solutions required by industrial enterprises.

The Company continues to support the nation’s economy from industry to agriculture thanks to its engineering know-how and expertise in the energy sector.

Consus Enerji realizes the right investments across Türkiye and looks into the future with the vision of becoming an innovative, dynamic, and reputable company that adds value in its fields of operations.



Consus Enerji pioneers investments in electricity generation from biomass at its power plants in different parts of Türkiye. All of Consus Enerji’s biomass power plants with a total installed capacity of 29.2 MW, including 12 MWAydın, 12 MW Mardin and 5.2 MW Sanliurfa plants, are subject to the feed-in tariff of Renewable Energy Sources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM). Consus Enerji leads the biomass industry as one of the few companies that combines biomass collection and power plant operations under a single roof, aiming to contibute to the national economy in a number of ways by supporting stakeholders in agriculture through biomass investments, developing regional employment as well as reducing reliance on energy imports.

Solar Power

After launching its first solar power plant with an installed capacity of 10.8 MWp in Mardin in 2019, Consus Enerji sells electricity as part of YEKDEM for a period 10 years. Consus Enerji pursues new investment opportunities in the solar sector with the intention of significantly growing its installed capacity in solar energy in the coming years. Consus Enerji also plans to add solar power capacity within its existing biomass plants, for the purpose of increasing the efficiency and availability of these plants, in addition to investing in distributed solar plants, as part of its build-operate business model, ensuring cost savings for end-users.

Distritbuted Power

With cogeneration, trigeneration and solar plants totaling 54.1 MW installed power in 8 locations in Türkiye, realizedas part of distributed power and energy efficiency investments, Consus Enerji is the largest energy service company that invests in distributed power plants through build-operate business model. Thanks to its strong balance sheet and experienced workforce, Consus Enerji sets up and finances all related capital expenditures of distributed power plants that effectively fulfill the requirements of end consumers. In addition, the Company undertakes the management of the energy infrastructure of its end-consumers by operating those plants. Consus Enerji, through long-term energy performance contracts, ensures end-consumers’ access to quality and uninterrupted energy, reduces energy costs by achieving high efficiency and contributes to the competitive advantage of its customers with its expertise.